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Sensing your Space

Our Services

High performance programmable RF systems with custom antenna designs

Technical Platform

We have developed embedded software using high-speed FPGAs running in Xilinx boards which has C, C++, Python and Micropython on platforms ranging from small single core to multi-core systems-on-chip. We have extensive experience developing digital control software for programmable RF systems

Antenna and RF Engineering

We provide complete antenna simulation, design and testing in high-performance electromagnetic chambers
  • Full Wave EM Simulations
  • RF Consultation
  • Dielectric Based Lens Antennas
  • 5G and mm-Wave Antenna Design
  • Antenna Design and Characterisation

AI for Wireless

We have developed various AI tools for understanding and interpreting the wireless spectrum. These range from classifying the modulation of radio-frequency signals to detecting the location of RF emissions

For projects and services related to digital RF systems, beam stearing and AI in wireless contact Chakana Solutions now